digivision's facilities are located in Reus, a mid-size town
a hundred kilometres from the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.

There can be no doubt that digivision's location contributes
to its prosperity and the spirit of the people that make it up, as it
is unquestionably one of the most privileged places in the world.

The light, the climate, the diet and the waters of the Mediterranean
inspire optimism and enhance creativity.

Reus is at the heart of the Costa Daurada or Golden Coast,
a triangle of territory only forty kilometres long on each side but
with an impressive variety of environments of great natural
wealth, an extraordinary historical and cultural legacy, and an
exemplary and exquisite harmony of coexistence.

Satisfaction for this environment is reflected in the production
of the three-episode documentary series “Costa Daurada”.
41º 9' 41" North - 1º 6' 11" East

Google Maps
Freeze-frame from “Landscapes”
Part of the “Costa Daurada” documentary series