digivision's productions deal with the fields of
Science, Technology and History. Maximum
rigour is demanded in all their content.

To achieve this it is essential to be able to
count on the participation of research centres and
institutions, as well as independent specialists.

In order to obtain this participation, on many occasions
digivision expressly contracts services
for content assessment.

However, when an outstanding production on a particular
subject is being made, it is quite common for the top
specialists in that area to want to cooperate, either
for prestige or vocation.

In these cases digivision demonstrates
a particular sensitivity.

If you identify with any of the above, please do not hesitate to
consult us about the subjects digivision is dealing with at the
moment and contact us if you would like to cooperate.
From the filming of “Crossings without Destiny”
Part of the “Souls” documentary series