In the corporative world, any company of a certain size
publishes data referring to its size, turnover and profits.

digivision does not publish such statistics.
It is a small company and they are not relevant.

But even if its financial figures were of a considerable
size, it would probably still not publish them.

The statistics that are important to digivision
are the following:

digivision estimates
that its CO2 emissions
are only 24% of the
average emitted by
Spanish companies of
a similar size.
85% of its staff
walk to work,
taking an average
of ten minutes.
18% of its turnover
is invested in R&D.

53% of its turnover
goes to pay staff.
It is working on a
project to make its
facilities energy
It has as an objective, not yet
achieved, to give 0.7% of its gross
turnover to cooperation and
development projects.
Freeze-frame from “Easy or Difficult”
Part of the “Souls” documentary series